Monday 12 September 2016

Higher Options 6th years

The Irish Times Higher Options careers event takes place this Wednesday 14th October for all 6th years.
Please meet Ms. O'Connor outside the event by 9.15 latest to get your wristband and mark attendance.
It is hugely beneficial day in terms of exploring options for next year and beyond.
It's a very busy event so please be on time and come prepared - bring an empty schoolbag to fill up with freebies and college and career info.
Check out the TALKS listed here - they can be very informative so make a plan to go to one if it's relevant to you.
And remember to ask questions and visit each college stand you are interested in - there will be over 180 exhibitors there so plenty of people to talk to!
There are also plenty of nice food vans at the event so if you don't bring a packed lunch you could treat yourself!

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