Tuesday 28 November 2017

Internet Safety Guidelines for Parents

Quick Tips for Parents

  • Passwords – always ensure that your internet connection is secured with a password to stop others from accessing your wireless network.
  • Parental Controls – these can be set on your child’s computer, smartphone, tablet, and games consoles to ensure your child doesn’t have access to inappropriate or illegal content.
  • Antivirus – make sure you have the latest antivirus installed on any of your child’s devices. Antiviruses aren’t just limited to computers.
  • Update – ensure that any device your child is using is up-to-date; operating system’s on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices should always be on the latest version.
  • Advice – don’t be afraid to seek advice. There are many outlets and forums available for parents to ask questions. Reassure your child that they can talk to you and seek advice if they need to.

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