Wednesday 5 October 2016

New Course Data Science DCU

DCUNew Course in Data Science

The BSc in Data Science, the first of its kind in Ireland, is aimed at students who are interested a career in Big Data, data analytics and related data science roles. ‘Data Science’ is the study of information – where it comes from, what it tells us and how to turn it into a resource for business, government and social strategies.  DCU is uniquely positioned to offer this course with proven strengths in computing, engineering, business and mathematics together with an enterprise-driven focus on innovation, applied problem solving and making a difference in the real-world.
The DCU BSc in Data Science is a unique programme focused on that combination of programming, mathematics and communication that creates valuable insight and professional expertise. The overall aim of the programme is to equip participants with the knowledge and abilities to enable them to apply the full spectrum of computing and analytical science and technology in the pursuit of discovering new information by identifying and validating patterns in data.

Special Entry Requirements:
H2 in Mathematics
BSc in Data Science (DS)
CAO Code: DC123
Duration: 4 years
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