Monday 14 August 2017

Leaving Cert Results and CAO Offers

Leaving Cert results will be available to candidates this Wednesday 16th August. Round 1 CAO Offers will be offered on Monday 21st at 6am through - you can login to your CAO account to check this. You will have some time to decide to accept your offer(s).

You may get an offer from both Level 7 or Level 8 - you may only accept one offer. If you don't accept the place you have been offered you may end up with no place.  Always accept an offer if you get one - in Round 2 you may be offered something higher up your list of preferences. You can never be offered something lower on your list. You can read page 7 of this guide to help with the process. I will be available via email at for any queries or in the school from Wednesday 23rd for appointments and phone calls. Best of luck to all.

Remember there are  plenty of options if things don't go exactly as expected so please get in touch if there are any queries at all. PLC courses still have places and CAO will offer some Available places after initial round of offers. Keep an eye on this list for these places

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