Monday 6 February 2017

Safer Internet Day Tuesday 7th Feb

Please remember and consider the following points in relation to your time spent online and how you manage your online reputation - there's also a chance to win a Go Pro camera by uploading a selfie to
  1. Within an hour a photo posted or uploaded to the internet/on an app can potentially reach the number of followers multiplied by it self 5 times, e.g. if you have 400 friends it could potentially reach 400x400x400x400x400=ten trillion, two hundred and forty billion
  2. A catfish is someone online who is posing as someone else - one way to spot one is by looking at how many photos or followers they have (usually a very low number of either or both) Never reply to someone you suspect to be a catfish.
  3. Managing your online reputation - think before you post comments and images, check your settings and privacy, deactivate old accounts
  4. How to deal with cyberbullying - DON'T reply to hurtful messages/comments, keep all messages/photos/comments, TELL someone, BLOCK sender, REPORT to website/app/social network
  5. Look at or for more info, advice and support   
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