Thursday 17 November 2016

Trinity Computer Science Shadowing 6th yr

Trinity are offering shadowing opportunity to 6th year students interested in Computer Science. 
Can you please ensure that you forward your name, email address and the name of the course you are interested in shadowing on to 

Trinity run separate days for each of the following courses.  
• Computer Science leads to a BA Moderatorship and a Master in Computer Science (MCS). 
• Computer Science and Language (French, German or Irish) combines the study of Computer Science, linguistics and French, German or Irish and leads to a BA Moderatorship. 
• Management Science and Information Systems Studies (MSISS) is the study of management sciences, statistics and information and communication technology leading to a BA Moderatorship. 
• Computer Science and Business is a joint degree programme combining computer science and business management and leads to a BA Moderatorship.

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