Tuesday 10 May 2016

New Course DCU - Data Science

The new DCU BSc in Data Science, CAO Code DC123, is the first dedicated undergraduate university course in data science in Ireland. It combines the three key skill sets of computing, mathematics and communication to provide the core knowledge needed to succeed in the area of Big Data and Analytics, a rapidly growing area of employment in Ireland and abroad. The course will introduce students to the major concepts in data analytics, data management, data processing, modelling, visualisation and communication.
Partnering with industry provides opportunities to engage with real-world problems and data sets. You will learn to program, to study mathematics and learn to apply that learning to data from the real world, communicating the results to different audiences.

This is the course for you if you are a curious investigator, a story-teller, or a problem solver. Data drives the world we live in, and a Data Scientist's job is to use computers to organise everything we know about the world, and communicate the importance to other people. The DCU BSc in Data Science is for everyone who has a curiosity about the world around us, and wants a role that helps advise key decision makers in enterprise, government, and society. No prior computing experience is needed: we will take you from novice, or hobbyist to programming professional.

Sometimes described as part scientist and part artist, the modern data science professional is in high demand for a variety of careers. The core role is that of Data Scientist, but the skills are also applicable to analytical roles, and to programmer roles. Data Scientist is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the world. In Ireland alone an estimated 20,000+ will be created through 2020. Data Scientists work closely with other technical roles such as programmers, as well as with executives and leaders.

Data Analysis is applied in areas such as customer insight, financial analysis, health and well being, media, sports and government. A key feature of the Data scientist is her or his flexibility: the core skills are in international demand, and highly transferable.

Data Science is also a key area of research interest, especially in the future of computer science and statistics. This includes areas such as Big Data analysis, high precision
personalisation, and the ethical future of Big Data.

Entry Requirements: B1 Higher Mathematics in the Leaving Certificate or Equivalent


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